Welcome to AberrationGaming we have hope that you enjoy your stay here!

- About Us

We come from a long-range of gmod servers, we helped develop AsylumCentral at its prime in the #1 rankings on gametracker, MadkillerMax ran [MK]Servers and is the main developer of AberrationGaming. We are very skilled in what we do and take pride in providing the best possible experience for the end-user to make sure they enjoy their time on our network.

Our Servers



Quest based MMO for those that love leveling up and fighting bosses!.


Basic Survival hack and slash your way to survive every night, and build to your hearts desire.


Factions style server with a twist instead of factions you run a kingdom, and fight to be the lord of the land..


Self explanatory you are asigned a plot and given creative to build what ever you want! .

Garry's Mod


Jailbreak is a game mode where you can play as a gaurd or a prisoner and at the began of every round a warden is selected the warden is the one that gives commands and if prisoners rebel or fail to fellow commands they are KOS(Kill On Sight).


Fight to survival in an action packed zombie apocalypse with limited ammo and money, Fight to survive or protect the streets as the military.

Amazing Team


Owner & Developer


Owner & Manager